Range rules

Hot Brass Range Rules

Who can shoot here?

  • A gun permit is required to shoot here ( ages 21 and over can shoot any high capacity handguns & long guns; ages 18 and over can shoot any low capacity long guns only; ages 15 to 17 can shoot any low capacity long gun WITH an adult over 21 who possesses a valid gun permit and the two MUST share a lane.)
    • Each of these person(s) above must possess a VALID GUN PERMIT. Out of state guns permits ARE ACCEPTED here (CT, NY, etc.); Rental packages including (Guns & Ammunition) for out of state visitors will be available.


1. Eye and ear protection are required on the range at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS.
2. DO NOT go forward of the firing line under any circumstances. If an item has fallen beyond your reach, contact range personnel for assistance.
3. Guns MUST BE POINTED DOWN RANGE at all times when inside the shooting booth.
5. If you need assistance with a gun, place it on the booth shelf, barrel facing downrange, action facing upward, and raise your arm in your booth for assistance. A RSO will assist you.
6. Only one active shooter is allowed in the booth at a time.
7. Targets must be mounted below the designated line on the cardboard backers. NO EXCEPTIONS.
8. Do not shoot the ceiling, the deflector plates, walls, or the target trolley. All shots must go straight into the backstop. You will be charged for replacement & installation of damaged property.
9. The following ammunition types are not allowed inside the range:

> NO Incendiary/Tracer
> NO Shotgun ammunition that is not slug (only slugs are permitted)
> NO Steel Jacketed/Steel Core/Armor Piercing

> NO Reloads

10. NO holster drawing is permitted!

11. Upon hearing the command “CEASE FIRE” stop shooting, take your finger off the trigger, unload your gun, place it on the bench with the action open facing up, barrel pointing down range, take one step back from the booth shelf, and await further instructions.
12. Rental guns must only use ammunition purchased at Hot Brass Inc./Guns Inc. during the current visit, proof of purchase is required.
13. DO NOT disassemble or attempt to repair guns while on the premises, notify the RSO if any issues occur.
14. DO NOT throw live ammunition down range or throw away in regular trash cans. Place LIVE rounds in “LIVE Rounds” labeled cans. Place EMPTY shell casings in the “EMPTY Shell Casings” labeled cans; these will be located behind the shooting booths in both the pistol and rifle ranges.
15. You may only load your gun when on the firing line in a booth; do NOT load your gun anywhere else inside the facility.
16. No shooting across lanes is allowed.
17. No “two-gunning”. You may only shoot one gun at a time in your lane; only ONE active shooter per lane at one time. Do NOT pass a loaded gun.
18. DO NOT shoot from the hip. Only proper aimed fire is allowed.
19. NO animals are permitted inside the range. NO exceptions!

20. No shoulder, cross-draw, or small of the back holsters are allowed to be used on the range for safety precautions.
21. When ANY gun exits the booth, it must be UNLOADED, no magazine or clip inserted, chamber flag in, and handguns placed in a gun caddy if a rental. Customer guns must be in a range bag or case.
22. All guns must be UNLOADED and in a case/container/range bag when transported into the lobby and/or parking lot. Class A LTC (no restrictions) holder/Law Enforcement are exempt, if holstered on your person it MUST stay holstered on your person; DO NOT unholster a loaded gun on the premises.
23. Parents/guardians are solely responsible for minors and must be present with them at all times on the premises of 1050 Main Street West Springfield, MA 01089. A gun permit is required to enter the range area unless the person is completing a firearms course accompanied by a certified instructor.
24. Due the risk of lead exposure and high auditory reports from guns, PREGNANT women are STRONGLY DISCOURAGED from being inside the range.
25. Range personnel retain the right to dismiss anyone from the premises without refund who are handling guns in an unsafe manner, not following the rules and regulations stated above, or suspected to be under the influence of any alcohol or controlled substances.

26. Any infraction of these rules and regulations will result in suspension of range privileges. 



Download the S.O.P. of Hot Brass below: