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State-of-the-art facility with Massachusetts's longest indoor ranges. 

The Hot Brass Firearm and Bow range is the longest indoor gun range in Western Massachusetts. Our establishment has multiple ninety-foot lanes that are perfect for any kind of event.

This shooting range also supports different kinds of activities. If you do not wish to use a firearm, bring your own archery equipment and practice your skills on the archery range. This range is a wonderful place to celebrate a bachelor party, host a bachelorette party, make good memories with a group of friends, or host a corporate event in West Springfield. 

  • This is a cutting-edge facility with the area's longest indoor ranges. There are ranges for different firearms and a range for archery.

  • Gun rentals are available, so you can try out what you want before you make a purchase.

  • There are digital target/dispatch retrieval systems for regular practice sessions.

  • Hot Brass has the finest-quality ventilation and filtration systems available.

  • Air conditioning in the facility will provide comfort year-round. It can help keep you cool in hot summer days, and warm during the winter.

  • For safety, Range Safety Officers are on duty at the facility.

  • Each lane is ballistic-rated for the safety of the customer. The stalls are spacious for the customer's comfort.

  • The range offers modern, cutting-edge technology. The firearm lanes are rated up to a .50 caliber, and the pistol lanes are rated up to a .44 Magnum. 

There are also firearm lockers provided for your convenience. For ten dollars a month, you may leave your firearm locked at the facility.