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Hot Brass Firearm and Bow Range Rules

We welcome seasoned shooters and beginners alike to Hot Brass Firearm and Bow Range. We also encourage office and/or private groups to contact us about booking their upcoming events. However, due to the potentially dangerous nature of the sport, each individual using our facilities must abide by the specific rules below. We believe the following regulations are essential to ensuring the utmost safety of everyone. 

First, we have a few requirements for using the Hot Brass facilities:

  • You must possess a gun permit

  • You must be 21 or over to shoot high capacity long guns and handguns.

  • You must be 18 or older to shoot low capacity long guns.

  • If you are age 15 through 17, you can shoot low capacity long guns, but you must share a lane with an adult 21 or older who has a valid gun permit with parental permit validation

  • Regardless of age, each individual using the facility must possess a valid gun permit for the state of Massachusetts. We do accept specific out-of-state permits as allowed by law, such as those issued by New York and Connecticut; please check with us in advance to confirm.

  • We have rental guns and ammo packages available for out-of-state visitors.

  • If you do not possess a gun permit, you must be with a certified instructor to use Hot Brass facilities.

  • We offer gun safety classes for those new to the range.

Rules of the Range

Note: Only patrons with valid gun permits or those accompanied by a certified instructor may use the indoor shooting range. We will make NO EXCEPTIONS.

1. You and your guests must wear eye protection such as goggles or glasses and ear protection on the range at all times. 

2. Do not move forward beyond the firing line for any reason. If you need to retrieve a personal item beyond the line, please contact a member of the shooting range staff.

3. Always keep your firearms pointed down range when you are in the shooting booth.

4. Never bring loaded and/or jammed guns into the lobby.

5. If you need help with a gun, please set it down on the shelf in the shooting booth with the barrel pointed down range and the action facing upward. Raise your hand for assistance, and an RSO will respond as soon as possible. 

6. Only one active shooter may be in the shooting booth at any time.

7. Mount your targets on cardboard backers ONLY below the designated line. NO EXCEPTIONS.

8. All shots must go directly into the backstop. To avoid being charged for damages, please do not shoot the ceiling, the target trolley, the deflector plates, the floor or the walls.

9. We DO NOT allow these specific types of ammunition in Hot Brass Firearm and Bow Range: (1) Incendiary tracers, (2) Non-slug shotgun ammunition - slugs only allowed - (3) steel jacketed/steel core or armor-piercing ammunition.

10. We do not allow reloads on the range.

11. NO holster drawing.

12. When you hear the "CEASE FIRE!" command, stop shooting, remove your finger from the trigger and unload your firearm. Place it on the bench in the shooting booth with the barrel facing down lane and the open action pointed upwards. Take a step back from the shelf and wait for further instructions from our staff.

13. When you rent a gun from Hot Brass, you must purchase the ammunition from us. You must provide proof of purchase upon request if ammo was purchased at the retail side at Guns Inc.

14. Please place your used ammunition in the receptacle marked "EMPTY Shell Casings," located just behind the shooting booths.

15. DO NOT throw live or spent ammunition down range or into garbage cans. Place live ammunition in the "LIVE Rounds" receptacle located behind the shooting booths.

16. One shooter per lane, one gun per shooter at all times. NO two-gunning.

17. Do not pass loaded firearms.

18. NEVER shoot across lanes.

19. Take aim, and then fire. NEVER shoot from the hip.

20. No animals whatsoever are permitted in the range at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS.

21. For safety's sake, we do not allow the use of shoulder, small-of-the-back or cross-draw holsters in the shooting range. 

22. Be certain your firearm is UNLOADED when you remove it from the shooting booth. You should unload the magazine or clip, insert the chamber flag and place your firearm in a caddy (if a rental) or a gun carrier bag if it is your own prior to exiting the booth.

23. Guns must be unloaded and stowed in an appropriate case or bag when you are in the lobby and/or the parking lot of Hot Brass Firearm and Bow Range. 

24. If you are a law enforcement officer and/or you possess an unrestricted Class A LTC license, you are exempt from rule#23. However, you must keep your firearm holstered while on the premises.

25. Parents/guardians must accompany minors at all times while at our facility at 1050 Main St., West Springfield, MA 01089. Parents and guardians are solely responsible for minors in their care while inside Hot Brass Firearm and Bow Range. No one without a valid gun license is admitted to the range area unless accompanied by a certified instructor.

26. If you are pregnant, we strongly encourage you to protect your child from the adverse effects of high-decibel firearm reports and lead exposure by staying away from the gun range during gestation.

27. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the premises if they are putting themselves or others at risk by handling guns in an unsafe manner or disregarding the above rules and regulations.

28. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

29. Any infraction of the above regulations and rules will result in immediate suspension of range privileges.

Download the S.O.P. of Hot Brass below: